Happy Holidays!

I would say that this Christmas has been one that has brought forth a plethora of emotions. For me, it’s the reality of this year coming to a close. As I sit back and think of all the changes (both good and bad) that have happened in this year and how I entered 2015 with great expectation, I get excited all over again. I’m not excited because this year was so great. As a matter of fact, this year was very difficult.

When you understand that there is an unavoidable process in order to get to the next level of your destiny, you understand how important it is to go through that process with your eyes wide open. You don’t want to miss anything. You learn addition before multiplication; 1st grade before 5th grade; 3-letter words before 3-syllable words….you get the idea. Everything in the process (no matter how painful or uncomfortable) is key to your success on the next level.

With that said, the one thing I know and hold onto and I will continue to hold onto is that ALL things work together for my good. So, whatever I’m gong through, I know that it’s just another stepping stone to what’s ahead….and I get excited all over again.



Just FLOWing….

There are a lot of things that we deem important in life and family is almost always at the top of the list. However, when we look at the lives of those around us, we find that family is anything but first.

People are too busy to stop and have a conversation, dinner is in front of a television or with a cell phone in hand, and we have excuses (other engagements) about why we can’t be at the recitals or games of their children.

When was the last time you visited an elderly person in your family? Just to sit and let them talk…When was the last time you called (not texted) a family member you haven’t heard from in a while?

Don’t just be a relative (lineage only), be family (relational).



Just FLOWing…

Doubt and Fear are Joy killers.

When we (the Believer) fellowship with Doubt and Fear, we deny the Power of Jesus and call Him a liar.

The Word is Truth…..
Either you believe He’s a Deliverer, or you don’t.
Either you believe He’s a Healer, or you don’t.
Either you believe He’s a “Way-Maker”, or you don’t.
Either you believe He’s forgiven you, or you don’t…..

You get the idea…Let’s choose to believe as Believers. Let’s stand on His Word.


Just FLOWing…

I am sitting thinking about the busyness of my days…I’m watching people rush about this Holiday Season. I’m hearing the same thing from most everyone….”How did Christmas sneak up on me?!”

Well, it’s the same time every year and yet sometimes we feel as if there is so little time to prepare for the holiday meal, the gifts, and all the trimmings.

What I haven’t heard from anyone (outside church services), is how they’re celebrating the reason for the season. It’s sounds so shallow to say, “Jesus is the reason for the season” when the next thing out of our mouths is how much we still have to buy, how much we still have to do,…Don’t get me wrong, I believe in sharing.

The question is: what are we going to bring as a gift to Jesus on Friday? Good question….right?

What about sitting around with our families giving testimonies of miracles, signs and wonders in our lives while giving honor to Jesus (the ultimate Miracle, Sign and Wonder)? That’s a great gift!

What about families bringing symbols of their love and adoration towards Him, giving Him space and time on Christmas day? That’s a great gift!

My point? Make sure it’s not just lip service. Make sure you’ve got a gift for Jesus to unwrap on Christmas day.


Just Flowing!


We all face trials and tests that challenge us to be more like Christ than our flesh would like. Dealing with people (especially the Church folks) tends to be the biggest challenge and the most frequent. I taped Matt. 5:44 on the wall in my office years ago. It’s the first thing I see when I walk into my office and it reminds me that no matter what… I am to respond to people the way I want them to treat me.


I’m Reaching


The love I have for You causes me to look for You in the morning, noontime and the end of the day. I need to hear Your voice and feel your touch. I get excited every time I reach for You knowing You’re reaching for me, too. When we commune, the response isn’t always the same. Sometimes my heart races, tears begin to fall, my spirit leaps, I begin to smile and all the cares of this world begin to dissipate. You’re my Rock and my Fortress; I find security in You.

I can’t imagine life without You, and never do I want to. Nothing can separate us. We’ll never part ways. You’re my ALL in ALL. I have no need for anyone else. Even the temporary distractions have to go when I hear You call my name.

Thank You for loving me with everything You’ve got. Thank You for keeping me even when I didn’t recognize I was being kept. Thank You for creating me in Your likeness….I love you, Big Daddy!

Your daughter,